Deaf By Dawn: My Bloody Valentine Return To Kool Haus


By: Myles Herod November 7, 2013


Having last toured in 2008, ending their 16 year silence, My Bloody Valentine have kept relatively busy since then, releasing a widely anticipated album of new material in February, simply titled mbv (their first since 1991).

Critically lauded, the ensuing concert dates came as no surprise. Granted that talks of a third Valentine’s record seemed as unlikely as David Bowie returning to the mainstream’s ears. And yet, 2013 proved to be a funny year. If anything, the Shoegaze gods are keenly aware of the mythos that prevails their reclusive nature. Performing live offers a rare opportunity from the Irish noise makers, appeasing those hungry for My Bloody Valentine’s live sonic assault while permitting hipsters alike to obnoxiously brandish a badge of honour.

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