Watch This: 20 Amp Soundchild – “Lights Go Out”

20 Amp Soundchild

20 Amp SoundchildJanuary 19, 2012

Pickering’s 20 Amp Soundchild just dropped their new vid for “Lights Go Out” thanks to a recent MuchFACT grant.  The video explores those feelings of  “alien”-ation (literarlly) felt during those awkward high school years.  Directed by Mike Portoghese (who also did the Darcys’ “Don’t Bleed Me” video) and produced by Rory Halsall (Shawn Desmon/Danny Fernandes). Be sure to watch at the 3:22 mark for a good laugh and catch them January 28 at the Hideout (buy a birthday shot for bassist Dave!).

“There’s just not enough aliens in music videos nowadays.” – Mike Portoghese

Check it out now:

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Watch This: Papermaps – “Complicate Things”

Toronto Band Papermaps

Toronto Band PapermapsJanuary 19, 2012

“Complaicate Things” is the second single off Toronto band Papermaps‘ self-titled debut.  The cool, understated synth rock track will get your Thursday morning started better than a cup of coffee.  Papermaps so far have no shows booked for the new year, but be sure and check these guys out live when they do.  In the meantime, watch the video for “Complicate Things.”

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Watch This: Jenny Mayhem – “Wide Open”

Jenny Mayhem Wide Open

Jenny Mayhem Wide OpenJanuary 18, 2012

“Wide Open” is the first single from Toronto’s Jenny Mayhem off her self-titled EP.  In the video she plays a down on her luck employee at Honest Ed’s who sells out and becomes a media hyped indie poster child.  Being shot in and around Honest Ed’s, with nod’s to local weeklies, it doesn’t get more Toronto than this, plus the song is amazing.  Be sure and check this one out.

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WATCH THIS: The Darcys – “Don’t Bleed Me”

The Darcys Don't Bleed Me

The Darcys Don't Bleed MeDecmeber 8, 2011

For those that saw our preview to “Don’t Bleed Me,” the new music video from the Darcys is now here.

Toronto band the Darcys have released their first video for “Don’t Bleed Me” from their newest self titled album.  “Don’t Bleed Me” is really a cinematic feat for a music video done by a local band.  Directed by Mike Portoghese, the video plays out like a deleted scene from the movies “District 9” and “Battle Los Angeles.” Only this time we witness the destruction of the city of Toronto and even the CN Tower.

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Watch This: Electornica artist Hybridly Rude “Super Bobbie” video

Hybridly Rude - Super Bobbie

Hybridly Rude - Super BobbieNovember 23, 2011

Proving that in today’s world of technology you no longer need big budgets and label support, Toronto electronica artist Hybridly Rude filmed the video for “Super Bobbie” with the surprising low budget of $200.

The infectious dance track has a very grindhouse feel to it featuring stock footage of  burlesque strippers from the 60’s.  Check out what a few hundred dollars, some DIY attitude and a little creativity can get you. 

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WATCH THIS: Music videos of the week – Nov 17


ICEpromoshotToronto Music Scene rounds up a list of the best new music videos that caught our eye this week!
November 17, 2011

We’re peacing out for the weekend, but leaving you with a compilation of kick ass music videos to tide you over until our return. From Austra’s enchanting, broken down version of “Lose It” to a mad scientist with acid-trip visuals – and maybe even a little history on John Lennon (hey, why not?!). We tried to keep it local my friends, but there’s some international flavour we just had to share.

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WATCH THIS: Pretty scary Toronto imagery in the preview for the Darcys’ new video “Don’t Bleed Me”

the darcys

the darcysNovember 16, 2011

The Darcys have released a teaser video for their track “Don’t Bleed Me” – and the imagery is a frantic, vantage-point video of a 911-esque attack on Toronto. As they prep for their long-awaited Arts & Crafts CD release party (happening this Friday, the 18th, at the Horseshoe alonside Amos the Transparent, Grounders and Kandle), they take us into a world we’d rather all not be. And with Bon Iver playing in the background as I write this, I can’t help but feel haunted images only teased.

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WATCH THIS: Kidstreet – “Never Coming Back”


KidstreetNovember 8, 2011

We love when trippy, dancy music videos arrive in our inbox, magically transporting us from Tuesday afternoons to Friday night dance parties! This is a super fun track from Waterloo’s trio of siblings Kidstreet, fresh off releasing their debut album Fuh Yeah. Nothing too sophisticated here folks, just fun lollipoptronica. I just invented that genre – It’s pretty awesome. Watch the video and stream the record after the jump!

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