WATCH THIS: A Primitive Evolution – “Empty Holes” Live at Bovine Sex Club May 23, 2012

Toronto Band A Primitive Evolution

Toronto Band A Primitive EvolutionMay 28, 2012

Toronto Music Scene caught Toronto alternative rockers A Primitive Evolution last Wednesday night at the Bovine Sex Club. The band took a break from their new found acoustic sound to play homage to their harder roots in a familiar place.

Check out this video of their final track of the night “Empty Holes” to see what you missed out on.

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WATCH THIS: Leeroy Stagger – “For The Love of You” Live at the Dakota Tavern May 23, 2012

Leeroy Stagger

Leeroy StaggerMay 28, 2012

Alberta folk rocker Leeroy Stagger played an intimate show at Dakota Tavern last week at the Toronto stop of his national tour supporting the release of his latest album Radiant Land.

Singing songs of lost love, the road and his battles with alcoholism and recovery, Leeroy Stagger has the unique ability to turn torment into songs of beauty.

Check out Leeroy Stagger’s live performance of “For The Love of You” from Radiant Land. Keep your eyes open for our full review coming soon.

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WATCH THIS: The Wooden Sky at the Opera House in Toronto April 20, 2012

Toronto Band The Wooden Sky

Toronto Band The Wooden SkyMay 28, 2012

Better late than never, TMS made our way to the Opera House to see Toronto alt-country heroes The Wooden Sky on April 20, 2012.

Far gone from their days of playing smaller venues like the Dakota Tavern, the Wooden Sky finally graduated to the Opera House where they performed to a hungry packed house without sacrificing the intimate folk rock sound they’re known for.
Check out this footage we caught of the Wooden Sky performing “North Dakota” off their first album When Lost At Sea. Also be sure and catch the band this summer as they tour select Ontario, Saskatchewan and American cities.

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WATCH THIS: The Arkells – “Where You Goin?”


arkells-biopicThe Arkells release
May 17, 2012

HI FRIENDS! Sorry we’ve been MIA. Like most music bloggers, we do other things like this and this and like bad parents, sometimes our beloved child that is TMS is unintentionally left to fend for itself, puppy dog eyes and all. But never fear, summer weather is back and so are we.

Juno Award winners The Arkells have just released a new sitcom style music video for Michigan Left track “Where You Goin” that is perfectly constructed levels of 80’s dreamy. The video is directed by Shane Cunningham and Mark Myers and is worth an immediate watch. Enjoy!

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Watch This: USS – “Cloudboy” Live Performance at CMW 2012

Toronto band USS

Toronto band USSLast night, those in the know got treated to a fantastic balls-to-the-wall performance by Toronto’s Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, who posed as the secret midnight guests at the somewhat hidden Cabin Five.  The much smaller than normal venue size made the show that much more epic.

For those of you not lucky enough to be there, check out this video of “Cloudboy” and stay tuned for our CMW2012 review so you can read all about it.

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WATCH THIS: Wildlife – “Sea Dreamer”


Wildlife-Band-TorontoFebruary 8, 2012

Toronto indie rockers Wildlife embrace a little mischief and edge in their debut video for “Sea Dreamers” directed by Marc André Debruyne. The vid debuted on MuchMusic last week and features a youth television vibe with bowling, fights, food, weapons and a trip to Scarborough’s little burger joint Harry’s Drive-Thru.

They sent us a little email with the inspiration behind the vid, which we have gladly reposted below for your reading enjoyment. Check it out:

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Watch This: Lamma – “Get Ready”

Toronto Rapper Lamma

Toronto Rapper LammaFebruary 3, 2012

We don’t feature enough hip-hop on TMS.  We try, but can’t keep up with everything going on in the city.  Luckily we got sent the debut music video from Toronto rapper Lamma.  “Get Ready” is the first offering from Lamma from his soon-to-be released mixtape Inauguration.  Produced by KB Tha Crazy Guy, “Get Ready” is the perfect track to pump you up at the gym or kick off your weekend.

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WATCH THIS: Metric’s Emily Haines & Toronto’s Andrew Huang talk Room For Thought, Ghost, music and tech


BL-RoomForThought-sBy: Sheena Lyonnais
January 31, 2011

FACT: I daylight at Toronto-based CareerMash, a non-profit that promotes tech careers to teens. Recently I had a chance to chat with Metric’s Emily Haines and Toronto’s Andrew Huang (who you may know from his other project Songs To Wear Pants To) about their collaborative project Ghost – an interactive music installation. Huang had this vision to create a seamless installation of individual instrumental videos recorded around the world. He wanted the haunting music to flow together uninterrupted no matter when each video was played. He called this idea Ghost and brought it to life with help from his mentor, Haines.

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WATCH THIS: Monster Truck at Horseshoe in Toronto Jan 20, 2012


Monster-Truck-PromoJanuary 24, 2011

DON’T FUCK WITH THE TRUCK! We headed to the Horseshoe this past Friday to catch Monster Truck, the best thing to come out of the hammer since well, ever! These guys live up to their name entirely: huge, heavy tracks filled to the brim with thick guitar licks and luscious locks. They set out with a mission to create a band that embodied what they imagined a band called MT would sound like – and they highly succeeded. This is rock’n’roll done right people, ripped with 70’s influences but there’s no copy cat going on here, just damn good classic tunage. If you haven’t been hit by the Truck yet baby, it’s time to buckle up!

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Watch This: The Junction – “Awakenings”

Toronto Band The Junction

Toronto Band The JunctionJanuary 20, 2012

Toronto’s the Junction have just released their newest music video “Awakenings,” the first single from their upcoming third album Grievances.  The entire video is made up of stock archival footage from the 1930’s featuring bustling city streets, frantic workers, traffic jams and endless skyscrapers.  With lead singer Jackson opening the song’s lyrics with “you’ve got a right to live the way you want, but I’ll take it slow,” one can imagine the message to take away from this video is that as much as we think things have changed in the past 80 years, they really haven’t.  Same shit, different day (or decade for that matter). Grievances drops March 6.

Be Sure and check it out.

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