We’re Going On Hiatus


Toronto Music Scene January 6, 2014


Dear readers,

If you had asked us when we first started Toronto Music Scene back in 2007 what we expected to get out of this music blog, we never could have predicted or imagined the adventures, exposure and access to music it would allow. We’ve had the opportunity to not only attend some of the best shows in the city, but also to put some on. Supporting the local music scene has been our mantra since the beginning and it’s been a simple one to fulfill. There is so much happening in this city and so much talent bleeding out from behind basement and venue doors that writing about it didn’t only make sense, it was actually pretty easy.

There were months when we had up to 20 people contributing to this site at one time. We’ve been fortunate to bring on people such as Myles Herod, who breathed new light into Toronto Music Scene and helped us shape our narrative of the city. We are and will forever be grateful for this help and support from people who appreciate Toronto’s music scene as much as we do. And when the time is right, we’ll be sure to call on these fantastic writers and editors again.

But for now, we are taking a break from Toronto Music Scene. Both TJ Liebgott and Sheena Lyonnais have become so busy with other endeavours it’s been hard for us to maintain the caliber and wealth of content you’re used to. We’ll be popping our heads up again here and there, likely around music festival times or when something truly magical happens, but for the most part Toronto Music Scene is going on a temporary though indefinite hiatus for the time being.

Again, thank you for your support and thanks for reading TMS over the years. We’ll still see you around town at shows, you can count on that, and we’ll be sure to keep you informed as to any future developments with TMS. For now, however, promise us you’ll continue to support as much local music as much as you possibly can and we promise we’ll do the same. To keep up to date on what we’re up to, check out tjhollywood.com and sheenalyonnais.com.


Sheena and TJ

Help Us (And You) Win $500 So We Can Throw A Party!

By: Toronto Music Scene August 7, 2013
This time we need your help!
We’ve entered the Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist contest to win $500 and we need your votes! We’ve compiled our dream summer driving playlist. We intentionally chose all Canadian and local bands to help support the scene and we promise if we win this money we will use it to throw a party! We’ll book three bands and let everyone in for free. As additional incentive, each person who votes will also be entered in a draw to win $500. 
That’s right, you can help us put on an epic show and maybe score five bills of your own! 
This contest is through Kanetix, an online comparison site for insurance, mortgages and credit cards. They just commissioned a study on how your taste in music affects your driving. Bad news hip hop fans and metal heads, you guys are the worst! Kidding! 
Anyway listen to our playlist below and go vote for TJ Liebgott’s playlist!! No registration required. Also, you can vote EVERY DAY!!
Support local music! Contest closes August 23. 

TMS Ultimate Driving Playlist by Toronto Music Scene on Grooveshark

Thanks from Toronto Music Scene!!
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Hi friends! An update for you since you’ve been asking

Sheena Lyonnais December 6, 2012

Hi gorgeouses! Sorry we have not posted much since Indie Week. TJ and I took a brief hiatus to focus on our jobs and writing and music and so on, but we’re back and we’ll be spending the next couple weeks adding new content and swanking up the site. Big plans for the new year! As you can see, we’ve switched to this new blog style that we like quite a lot and it looks much better on mobile so win/win for us and you and the world. Thanks for your patience and support and don’t forget to check back soon. xo

TMS Announces Partnership With INDIE WEEK


Toronto Music Scene is stoked to announce we’ll be bringing you a “band of the day” everyday leading up to Indie Week in October. Starting next Monday (August 27) we’ll be posting our picks here and over at IndieWeek.com, complete with favourite tracks and where to catch them during the festival.

Early bird wristbands are available for half off until August 24. You can pick them up over here.

Bands announced so far:

2 Bit Radio
20 Amp Soundchild
Aaron Orbit
Abstract Artform
Alanna J Brown
All But Nothing
Allison Weiss
Angela Saini
Animal Talk
Arrows in the Air
Asleep Behind The Flame
Atlantis Blueprint
Austin Adams
Beyond the Mountain
Black Handed Kites
Blanche DuBois
Blind Race
Boy In A Box
Brendan Albert
Bryce Jardine
Brydan Smith
Bugs in the Dark
Burning The Day
Chaos M••n
Dafusia (formerly “Hawri ‘n’ Mandy”)
Dawn and Marra
Deanna Cartea
Dirty Names
Douala Vision
Eli T.
Federal Lights
First You Get The Sugar
Fountains Of Youth
Georgia Germein | Germein Sisters
Harvest Breed
Hey Brother
Indicator Indicator
Kate Vigo
Katie DuTemple
Kevin Myles Wilson
Last Bullet
Lauren Campbell
Left Turn City
Little Creatures
Luke Nicholson
Mad June
Maneli Jamal
Martha Meredith
Meet The Blue
Melanie Peterson
Melissa Cameron
Meredith Shaw
Missing In Venice
Most People
Mushy Callahan
Nitemarket 12
Papa’s Delicate Condition
Sex With Strangers
Shawn Clarke and the Green Hearts
Silvergun & Spleen
Sofia Brunetta
Sometimes Why
South of France
Sumo Cyco
Super Geek League
Suzy Wilde
Sydney Delong
Ten Year Lull
The Bloody Five
The Bright Road
The Corner
The Dead Ships
The Futureless
The Killing Floor
Three Little Birds
TJ Hollywood
Tupelo Honey
Wesley James
Willie Ames
You Bred Raptors?
You Knew Me When

Walk Off The Earth (and Sarah Blackwood) on Ellen TODAY!


ellenJanuary 23, 2012

Walk Off The Earth‘s viral cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” racked up over 35 million views in less than two weeks and debuted on the Billboard charts at #14, the highest debut since April 2011. There was some speculation that the five-piece band playing one guitar was a mere fabrication, but the Burlington outfit will lay all to rest when they perform on the Ellen DeGeneres today at 4pm ET.

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Study finds loud music leads to more alcohol consumption, Toronto Music Scene then forgiven all sins


JDGet ready: The Horseshoe is about to get even louder!
December 16, 2011

New research conducted by University of Portsmouth psychologist Dr. Lorenzo Stafford shows that yes, loud music does indeed lead to higher alcohol consumption. Turns out loud music makes alcohol taste sweeter, AKA makes it easier to drink at a much faster rate. “Since humans have an innate preference for sweetness, these findings offer a plausible explanation as to why people consume more alcohol in noisy environments,” Dr. Stafford says.

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CMW Early Bird tix sold-out, but new block + VIP wristbands released


CMWNovember 11, 2011

That’s right….early bird wristbands for Canadian Music Fest are now SOLD OUT.  If you missed it…don’t worry.  You still have one more chance to save.  Another block of wristbands is now available at $45. This is your last chance to buy wristbands at a reduced price before wristbands go to full price. Buy your wristband now and gain your entry to Canada’s largest music festival – March 21-25, 2012 in Toronto.

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Record Label Death: Universal buys EMI for $1.9 billion


emiNovember 11, 2011

Universal Music has bought EMI for a reported $1.9 billion – or, according to CTV/Globe & Mail, a two-part $4.1 billion deal – meaning Universal will now account for a third of all music sales world-wide. The amalgamation represents one less major label on an incredibly shifting scope in the music industry and the decline of major labels.

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