“Fuck Family Day” – Suckerfactory, Luke Sneyd, Downsview

Live Pic of Band Downsview
By: TJ Liebgott
February 16, 2008

    Either I’m going deaf or The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern learned that volume knobs have settings other than 11.  Arguably once the loudest club in the city, The Horseshoe is showing its age (it turned 60 last year) by turning the volume down to match every other club in Toronto.  This wasn’t enough to stop Suckerfactory, Luke Sneyd and Downsview from rocking a small Family Day crowd.

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Witch Ever – Jammed at Kensington Station

Toronto Band Witch Ever
By: Jason Daniel Baker
February 16 2008
Toronto band Witch Ever brought it’s A-game to Kensington Station on February 16 and it was a real jaw-dropper of a show for those of us able  to have found our way there despite the labyrinth of high snow banks. Absolutely nothing went wrong and they simply rocked in the most exquisite set I have ever heard them play.  

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Dodger, Rides Again, Goldfinger at The Sound Academy

Live Pic of Goldfinger By: TJ Liebgott

    Saturday Punk Rock legends Goldfinger returned to Toronto to make amends to fans who felt short changed after the debacle that resulted at Wakestock.  Their last visit to our city left them bitter and angry with a shortened set, (See Video) but this time around they were able to make it past the song "Mable" and play an explosive set that lasted just over an hour.  The band spared no expense, belting out song after song that spanned their 15 year musical career.  Highlights included fan favorite "Mable", "Counting The Days" and the song that put this band into the limelight "Here In Your Bedroom".  Continue reading “Dodger, Rides Again, Goldfinger at The Sound Academy”

Indieweek 2007

IndieweekBy: TJ Liebgott

 The 4th annual Indieweek took over the clubs of Toronto (October 9-13) for what could be considered a battle of the bands royal rumble.  Featuring over 50 independent acts, playing 8 clubs in 5 days, Indieweek was sensory overload of where to go and who to see.  Bands came as far as Ireland just to be heard and have a chance to compete for 1 of 2 prize packages that included cash, guitars, a wireless mic, recording time, advertising, distribution, CD replication, and many other pieces of swag.

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Toronto Independent Music Awards 2007

Toronto Independent Music Awards LogoBy: TJ Liebgott 

For all of the unsung heros of the independent music industry, its great to see an event to mark their achievements.  Thursday, October 4th, The Phoenix Concert Theatre was transformed into the 3rd annual Toronto Independent Music Awards presented by Eye magazine.  Hosted by local comic Sabrina Jalees, featuring a variety of independent acts and an evenings worth of awards, the 2007 TIMA’s proved to be a tribute to canadian musicians.

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09/05/07 The Birthday Massacre and Lye – Mod Club Theatre

By: TJ Liebgott 


Lye Live at The Mod ClubThursday night the Mod Club traded in their Ben Sherman and indie style duds for corsets, pvc and bondage clothing as Lye and The Birthday Massacre took over the popular College st. nightclub.  

    The night could have been quite disastrous for opening band Lye whose drummer, Dustin Williams, was unable to cross the border the weekend prior to the show.  Luckily Lye was able to recruit a friend of theirs who was able to play along flawlessly for the most part.  The odd fill was missed here and there but their new drummer seemed quite confident of the material.

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Virgin Fest 2007 A weekend in review – Saturday

By: TJ Liebgott

Pic of The Artic Monkeys in Toronto    Virgin Festival returned to Toronto for its second year of rocking the Islands last weekend, officially ending a summer of outdoor festivals.  This musical orgy of a festival, with roots starting in England, featured more bands than should be legally allowed.  For the event, 3 stages were erected as well as a beer tent featuring DJ’s.   Unfortunately, most people couldn’t experience the full extent of the festival, due to the overwhelming amount of acts.  For the most part, people just camped out at the main Virgin stage waiting for the headlining acts. 

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08/30/07 Dodger CD release party with Walk Off The Earth, Skye Sweetnam Lee’s Palace

By: TJ Liebgott

Picture of Dodger

For lead singer Matt Drake there is no choice; his band Dodger must succeed in the music industry.  After all, Drake has the band’s name tattooed across his forearm.  For most people that kind of commitment may seem foolish, but after witnessing Dodger play live for their CD release party at Lee’s Palace, it made sense why Drake had fearlessly inked the name. 

Before the show even started, the tone for the night had been set when a yellow school bus packed with Dodger fans from Hamilton came roaring past Lee’s.  Every fan aboard was there for two reasons: to party and to pick up a copy of Dodgers debut album Musth produced by Jagori Tanna.

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Wakestock: A Weekend In Review

           Every since Woodstock, the outdoor music festival has been a long outstanding summer time tradition.   However it seems in recent years, these all day celebrations have been dwindling in attendance.
            Perhaps it was because The Rogers Picnic was also happening on the Sunday, or maybe the summer has been over saturated with music festivals, or perhaps its because there are no longer rock bands that can draw in big numbers, but Wakestock was not as big of a draw as it deserved to be.


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