NXNE Preview: Volcano Playground

Toronto Band Volcano Playground NXNE Interview
Toronto Band Volcano Playground NXNE Interview By: TJ Liebgott
June 12, 2011

Volcano Playground is one of the more unconventional bands playing NXNE, but also one of the most interesting.  Their sound plays out more like a movie soundtrack than a song. With shimmering guitars that play over ambient and ethereal pads and hauntingly beautiful vocals that are grounded by drum grooves, Volcano Playgrounds music usually leaves you in a trance deep in thought.

They are experimental enough to appeal to those bored by conventional rock music, but have enough structure to not turn off the average music fan.  It’s of no surprise that they will be recording their debut album with Broken Social Scene producer Dave Newfeld.  Volcano Playground’s Jackie Game tells us more about their upcoming NXNE showcase.

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NXNE Preview: Revelstoke

NXNE Interview with Toronto Band Revelstoke
NXNE Interview with Toronto Band Revelstoke June 10, 2011
By: Sheena Lyonnais

Revelstoke is one of the newest artists on the scene, who despite having not yet released his upcoming debut recording Espirit D’Escalier has already opened for local heroes such as Brett Caswell and Appleseed Cast. Andrew Seale is the man behind the cerebral, experimental folk, a one-man band who has captured attention for his haunting guitars, use of violin bows, poetic verses and ghostly banjo.

A traveling journalist inspired by the world, Revelstoke sought redemption on a west coast trip a few years ago and the mountains never left him.  He tells us in his own words why Revelstoke should be the next stop on your NXNE trip. 

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NXNE Preview: The Dirty Mags

NXNE preview of Toronto band The Dirty Mags
NXNE preview of Toronto band The Dirty Mags By: TJ Liebgott
June 10, 2011

Toronto’s the Dirty Mags have only been together for about a year and have yet to release an album, but that hasn’t stopped them from having a June tour of Ontario, a soldout show during Canadian Music Week and from gaining notoriety for their energetic live shows.

The Dirty Mags play a blend of slightly down tempo garage rock infused with elements of grunge with an urgency and intensity unmatched by most bands of their experience level.  If you miss their NXNE set or can’t get into the venue, be sure to catch them at Scenefest later this summer.  The Dirty Mags tell us more of what to expect at this year’s showcase.

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Artist Profile: Phatt Al of God Made Me Funky

Band Pic of Toronto Band God Made Me Funky
Band Pic of Toronto Band God Made Me Funky By: Tanya Bailey
May 25, 2011
Its time to get funky with one of the hardest working bands in the city.  Ladies and gentlemen, TMS had the chance to chat with God Made Me Funky’s legendary Phatt Al about the band’s history, a little bit of Canadian identity and the role of modern technology and advertising in a band’s career.  Prepare to be enlightened by one of Toronto’s top party bands.

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New Years with The Mark Inside

Interview with Toronto Band The Mark Inside
Interview with Toronto Band The Mark Inside By: Sheena Lyonnais
January 2, 2011

The Mark Inside first arrived in my inbox in 2010 and it is with regret we haven’t posted anything about them until now.  A band that encompasses both the allure of gritty indie and a great restitution for rock that seeps into your veins, steals some of your JD and leaves you scented with a lusty hint of intrigue.  If people weren’t so busy obsessing over lo-fi right now they’d see Toronto is oozing with powerful rock outfits determined to reignite the vigor that holds this whole thing together.  Guitarist/vocalist Geoff Bennett tells us how 2010 almost prevented the brilliant EP False Flag from happening, but alas the year of misfortune was no match for this band to watch in 2011. 

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New Years With The Box Tiger

Interview with Toronto Band The Box Tiger By: Sheena Lyonnais
December 28, 2010

The Box Tiger have had a whirlwind of a year that allowed the freshly-formed band to find its name rolling off the tongues of bloggers across the city.   The band’s whimsical rhythms harness a sharp bite with jagged nails backed by subtly frantic drums and soft harmonies. This has been a year of trial and error for the Box Tiger, but one that has undoubtedly helped build a solid foundation to what is sure to be a promising 2011.

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Artist Profile: Bobby Dreadfull

Bobby Dreadfull Interview Toronto Music Scene
Bobby Dreadfull Interview Toronto Music Scene By: Tanya Bailey
August 15, 2010

A soul rebel in this music industry, Bobby Dreadfull has been making a name for himself in the city for quite some time and he is now ready to take on the world. Toronto Music Scene recently had the chance to chat with him about everything from his band the Breastfed Superheroes to his upcoming single with half-brother Kardinal Offishall.

Tell me about yourself?

I was born in Toronto to  a Jamaican father [and a] Canadian (Anglo-Saxon mother). Grew up mostly in the city, spent my high school years in Richmond Hill [then] moved back to the city when I was going to York University studying Education/Anthropology.  [I] started playing the violin at age six, guitar at age 13, trumpet at age 10 [and] percussion in my early 20’s.

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NXNE Preview: White Cowbell Oklahoma

White Cowbell Oklahoma
White Cowbell Oklahoma By: Sheena Lyonnais
June 16, 2010

If you haven’t seen a White Cowbell Oklahoma performance, you haven’t lived.  Nothing is off limits for this crazy, country rock’n’roll band – strippers, Santas, you name if, they’ve done it.  The antics alongside their impeccable ability to lay down some superbly talented gritty chops makes them a must see.  Clem C. Clemsen tells us more.

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NXNE Preview: Styrofoam Ones

Toronto Band Styrofoam Ones
Toronto Band Styrofoam Ones By: TJ Liebgott
June 16, 2010

Toronto band Styrofoam Ones are an orgy of musical styles entangled into one cohesive sound described simply as pop noir.  However, pigeonholing them into any genre is an impossibility.  Bringing the raw energy of punk, combining it with pop and throwing in some Richmond st. Club sounds for good measure, Styrofoam Ones are one of the more unique bands playing this year’s festival.  To tell us more is keyboardist/vocalist Andrew The.

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