Fleece Elves – The Dreams EP : CD Review

Fleece Elves The Dreams EP By: TJ Liebgott
January 7, 2009

The best way to describe the sound of Fleece Elves debut EP The Dreams is its as if Scott Weiland went and scoped out The Horseshoe and The Silver Dollar Room looking for the perfect backing band.  Although lead singer Jason Adolph doesn’t sound like a Weiland wannabe, his voice becomes eerily similar in songs like "Full of Empty" and "All The Colours You See." 

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CD Review: Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club Elephant Shell By: Ala Serafin
November 18, 2008
The boys from Newmarket are all grown up. In their spring release of debut LP Elephant Shell, Tokyo Police Club’s sound has evolved from the youthful tunes of A Lesson in Crime to a more mature vocabulary; though perhaps sometimes overdone with words like australopithecine, the focus of the chorus in “Listen to the Math.” Still, the music is undeniably impressive with its more sophisticated arrangements.

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Book Review: Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb Book Review By Erin Fahy
October 28, 2008

In a world full of books on how to redo your image and why you can’t get a man/job/life, there is one book that is not afraid to kick some ass. It is “the ultimate guide to becoming a better flirt, a tougher chick, and a hotter girlfriend and to living life like a rock star,” otherwise known as Cherry Bomb by Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna.

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CD Review – The Arkells – Jackson Square

The Arkells CD Jackson Square By: TJ Liebgott
October 28, 2008

Coming off the buzz of their 2007 EP release Deadlines, The Arkells have followed up with today’s release of their debut full-length album Jackson Square from Dine Alone records.  With their combination of old school southern rock meets an ass shaking indie rock rhythm section, Jackson Square proves that the Arkells are not one trick ponies.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Angel Riots

The Angel Riots Cover Written by Ibi Kaslik, Penguin 2008
By: Sheena Lyonnais

Toronto author Ibi Kaslik’s profound novel the Angel Riots centers around a 19-piece music group divided across two Montreal bands connected by one crazy manager with big ambitions and an even bigger cocaine habit.  It follows closely the relationships between four members of the Angel Riots, a Broken Social Scene-esque group of torn individuals who struggle to make it in the indie music scene. 

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CD Review: Still Life Still

still life still wolf Reviewed by: Colin Evans
July 22, 2008

If five dudes got together and decided to crank out an indie rock album with hazy lyrics, soft guitars subtle synth, rhythmic drums, and a dash of haunting back-up vocals by an unnamed female artist, Still Life Still can pull it off to the max. While sporting a very chill sound, their debut full-length album is jam packed with catchy riffs that you can effortlessly nod your head to.

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Lye Live at The Opera House DVD

Lye Live at The Opera House DVD Review

By: Trevor Mills    


In today’s day and age of technology you would think more independent bands would be getting into live DVD’s  However, this is not the case.  Lye on the other hand was able to call in favours from every friend and fan throughout the entertainment industry to bring out Lye: Live At The Opera house, a concert DVD chronicling their performance from July 8 2006 at the Opera House. 


            The double disc set features both the live DVD as well as a CD of the performance.  At first I was thrown off by the CD portion, it almost seemed redundant to me, but I was glad they released after I decided to rip all the tracks to my iPod.  Audio wise, the sound is on par with major label live recordings and seems to perfectly encapsulate the essence of the bands live show.


            Surprising, for an indie release, the DVD is chock full of features and extras.  Interviews and a music video for their first single "Kiss Me" make the DVD that much more exciting for any Lye fan.


 The concert portion really puts you front row for the show.  You can feel the sweat, intensity and mayhem that is a Lye show emitting from your television.  By the time you reach the track "Antipathy" you feel as if you’ve been visually and audibly assaulted. 


At just over 40 minutes, Lye: Live at The Opera House really is a great piece of eye candy for any fan of Lye or for those who have yet to discover this promising Toronto band.


-Live: Live at The Opera house is available throughout Canada at HMV or online at most major retailers.