Live Photos: Lowell @ The Drake

By: Sheena Lyonnais December 5, 2013


There is something captivating about Lowell, the Toronto singer who recently signed with Arts & Crafts. She’ll be releasing her first album through the label next year, the follow-up to her magical debut, If You Can, Solve This Jumble–the album she released with UK supergroup Apparatjik. Lowell’s performance at the Drake on Tuesday was a preview of what’s to come, dreamy tracks paired with an unmistakable energy that is both alluring and sweet. I once claimed that Lowell has the potential to become huge, and after her performance this week I stand by my proclamation. With Arts & Crafts backing her here in Canada, and an already seasoned following overseas, she is positioning herself to become a key player in the scene. The crowd at the Drake was clearly into the performance, which was both powerful and funny at times. Here are a few photos we managed to snap of Lowell and her homage to cheerleading and the Leafs. 








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