ANNOUNCEMENT: Toronto Music Scene Indie Week After Party

Toronto Music Scene October 4, 2013

Toronto Music Scene, an official partner of Indie Week Canada, is pleased to bring you a kick ass After Party featuring some of Toronto’s hottest new bands PLUS a 4AM last call!
12:30 – The Beaches 
01:20 – TJ Hollywood 
03:00 – Wildheart 
$10 or free with an Indie Week Wristband. This is a good time to remind you we’re giving away a pair of wristbands! Click here to find out the details.
We’ll be announcing the special guest later this month. 
Come early! There’s a Coalition music showcase on before us so the place will already be packed.
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Indie Week Band of the Day: Typical Friday Night

Sheena Lyonnais October 3, 2013
If your weekend nights are spent getting wasted in a fashionable street style manner, then perhaps they align well with Typical Friday Night, a hip-hop/pop mash-up from Atlanta that will leave you no choice but to hit the dance floor. Compared to Black Eyed Peas and influenced heavily by K-pop, this is easily one of the top acts to see at this year’s Indie Week. The duo is comprised of rapper Jet Phynx and singer Brawdway, both of whom share songwriting duties. It’s fresh stuff that has a little something for everyone, a solid backbeat, smooth R&B hip-hop, and sultry accessible pop. Known for designing their own stage wear and styling/editing their own videos, this is surely to be a Nylon-approved set. 
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Album Review: Rose Brokenshire – Seeds You Grow


By: Myles Herod October 3rd, 2013

As summer fades to fall, the sounds of Rose Brokenshire‘s 4-track EP, Seeds You Grow, compliment the seasonal transition fittingly, unfurling into a warm blanket of pop for the imminent frost to come.
At the core of each track, Brokenshire’s honey-sweet voice drips without any saccharine residue, peaking through a cloud of sadness as she searches for comfort and reflection. Despite the delicate arrangements and her natural, sleepy-eyed croon, Seeds You Grow never feels downtrodden – in fact, it’s quite the contrary. 
Take for instance “Back Around”, a send-off to a presumed past love that sees her assured, yet simple lyrics countered with a flicker of handclaps and spry guitar work, culminating nicely as she proclaims, “And I wish you well, and out of town!”  
Clocking in at under 15 minutes, the Toronto native has crafted a collection of charming vignettes, seemingly home-spun in size, but affecting in conviction and sunny musicianship. Neither overtly serious or sentimental, Seeds You Grow may very well leave a smile on your face, and Rose Brokenshire as an artist to watch out for.  
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Indie Week Band of the Day: viseMenn

Hilary Johnston October 2, 2013
Guitarist Lars Olav Mangelrød and bassist and vocalist Helge Corneliussen form viseMenn, an atmosphere dream rock duo out of Norway. They count U2, Mogwai and Sigur Ros among their influences and intend to write songs that enlighten listeners. Their intricate guitar lines and soulful melodies create an ambient and distant sonic experience. Their unique origins and musical style are either going to thoroughly impress or thoroughly disappoint; a classic example of a “love ‘em or hate ‘em” band. Catch them Indie Week to see if your spiritual horizons are broadened. 
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CONTEST: Win A Pair of Indie Week Wristbands

Toronto Music Scene October 1, 2013

In celebration of our partnership with Indie Week Canada we’re giving away a pair of wristbands to one lucky Toronto Music Scene reader. We’re making this contest an easy one. All you gotta do is Tweet:

I wanna win @indieweek wristbands from @TorontoMusic #TorontoMusic

You can enter as many times as you want. We don’t mind. Of course, excessive spammers will be ignored, but that goes without saying. 

And while you’re there, make sure you’re following both accounts so we can DM the winner. Winner will be contacted on Friday October 11th in the afternoon. And hey, lucky future winner, take note of the Rivoli’s line-up on Friday October 18. Toronto Music Scene is hosting an after-party gig featuring The Beaches, The Anti-Queens, our own TJ Hollywood, and more! The party kicks off at 11. See you there.


Indie Week Band of the Day: FALLS

By: TJ Liebgott October 1, 2013

If Toronto indie synth rock band Falls looks a little familiar, it’s because they are. An off-shoot of Indie Week 2010 winners These Electric Lives, Falls picks up where TEL left off.  Although this incarnation seems more synthy and dreamy than the danceable rock songs that TEL put out, it’s definitely a more cinematic and mature sounding band now. Check out their first single “Rain Turns To Snow” to get you ready for their Indie Week set and their debut CD, which drops October 8th.


Toronto Music Scene is an official partner of Indie Week Canada. Follow us on Twitter @TorontoMusic and Indie Week @IndieWeek. For a full list of bands check out

Album Review: The Heavyset Quartet – Keep Pushin’


By: Sean Carsley October 1st, 2013

The debut album from The Heavyset Quartet, Keep Pushin, is mature, consistent and well worth the listen. 
What is quickly apparent is the rich horn section which consists of the alto sax/trombone work of Lauren Barnett and Tom Richards, respectively. Guest tenor sax Paul Metcalfe rounds out the trio. The solid sound of THQ are complemented with bassist Gram Whitty and drummer Simon Dennis.
Barnett is a treasure because of her voice. She can be subtle to brash in a heartbeat. But the key ingredient to Keep Pushin‘s magic may very well be Demetri Petsalakis. He’s not only the guitarist, but the producer for Keep Pushin’. They are a funk band which switches gears to reggae or rock as required. In the wrong hands, this album could have been a mess, but THQ and guest players bring together all right ingredients, blasting through the speakers.  
The first four songs are a nice build up to the meat of the album. “Rude Boy” is a restrained, hypnotic story. “Just To Get By” is a hot, bluesy number dripping with horns. Who doesn’t love horns? Then Barnett et al absolutely kill it on the scorching “Sell Your Soul”.
Sometimes the weaker songs get pushed to the end because that’s the graveyard of album mediocrity. But it’s a nice surprise to find “Chained”, “Drive Me Mad” and “I Don’t Know And I Don’t Care” carrying true listening worthiness. 
It’s not hard to pinpoint why Keep Pushin’ is such a solid work. The Heavyset Quartet are invested in each song from start to finish with no ‘throwaway’ numbers to be found. They put their foot on your throat and never step off. 
The Heavyset Quartet – Rude Boy
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