Album Review: The Cardinal Dream – The Universal Round

By: Shannon Bryan October 30, 2013


The Cardinal Dream does just that with their music, taking you away to a dream-state of consciousness. The refreshingly original seven-track album, The Universal Round, from this Toronto-based five-piece is an innovative work of art.

 Each song adds a new element to the bigger picture, offering hard-rock pieces (“Astral,” “1000 Faces,” “Beggar”) and combining them with melodic, psychedelic movements (“Neuron to Nebula,” “The Universal Round/We Are So Young”). This album is ambitious for a rock outfit, who somehow manage to maintain the ambience in each track without getting lost in the edginess of the song.

Every track on the album has a unique vision, but “The Universal Round/We Are So Young” is a highlight, beautifully combing the bands kaleidoscopic styling with adrenaline-fueled aggressive notes.

The passion of the boys in The Cardinal Dream bleed through every corner on The Universal Round, making it hard not to love this album.


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