Indie Week Report Card: The Drop Dead Pin-ups @ Cherry Cola’s 64%

By: Erin Fahy, October 28, 2013

Drop Dead Pin-ups

Sound 4/5

This type of sound is one of my guilty pleasures. A Punk Big Band, akin to Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies and Brian Setzer. While the vocals weren’t as strong as I’d like, and I found that there seemed too many bodies on stage, they have obviously been working on this a while and their sound is solid.

Performance 3/5

Seemed pretty tame for the type of music; the audience was into it but lack of energy. They ended on a ballad which was an interesting choice.

Professionalism 3/5

Thanked everyone, seamless teardown of gear and their coordination of outfits was spot on.

Aesthetic 3/5

The matching outfits; suits and all, looked very slick on the tiny stage. Not one tie undone or jacket off. Either they didn’t rock hard enough or they are old pros at this.

Authenticity 3/5

They really brought me back to the early days of this kind of music; where everyone tried to swing dance in their Gap khakis. Keep plugging away kiddos!

Total: 16/25

Final Grade: 64%

Erin Fahy is a 9-5’r by day and a rogue rock reporter by night. You can follow her on Twitter @rockurworld16. Don’t forget to also follow Toronto Music Scene @TorontoMusic.

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