Indie Week Report Card: Miyu @ Czehoski 72%

By: Josh Parsons Oct 29, 2013


(Photo by @MylesHerod)

Sound 3/5

Although you’d never guess it, Tokyo’s Miyu has been fronting punk and rock bands for years. For indie week, she brought here ever-so-quite solo work, displaying a skill for rock ‘n’ roll song writing in an acoustic setting. It was catchy and the jingle bells on her ankles provided a refreshing alternative to the loudness wars of Indie Week. On the other hand, she was perhaps a bit too quiet to stand over the drunken roar of the bar.

Performance 3/5

Miyu began her set by draping a banner across the front of the stage that dubbed her a “Rock ‘n’ Roll Witch.” I wasn’t sure what to make of that and her set didn’t seem to reflect anything witchy, at least by North American standards. She was, however, quite well rehearsed and tackled her songs with confidence and precision.

Professionalism 3/5

She walked on to the stage with a beaming smile and readily thanked the audience for attending. She was clearly very grateful for the small crowd in attendance and for that she deserves substantial respect. However, she made a large blunder when she broke a string and, lacking a replacement guitar, had to waste precious showcase time restringing her only guitar on stage.

Aesthetic 4/5

Although I’m not familiar with the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Witch” trend, Miyu certainly knew how to distinguish herself on stage. The jingle bells on the ankle were wonderful and worked practically as well as stylistically. I really dug the fuzzy hat too.

Authenticity 5/5

Miyu’s performance was filled with good vibes and honesty. Although she was playing to unfamiliar faces, she never showed a lack of confidence and respect for her audience. She is an honest musician clearly making an honest attempt and sharing her art with those who care to listen.

Total: 18/25

Final Grade: 72%

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