Indie Week Report Card: Heartcopy @ Czehoski 68%

By: Erin Fahy October 28, 2013


Sound 4/5

Online: their sound is very electronic and slick. In person: the same songs have a grit and rawness. I loved them either way. The audio in the club was shit, but they still killed it. Two distinct voices add a nice element.

Performance 3/5

Performed as if they were headlining a gig at a bigger venue, even when they were in the worst venue I’ve seen for a band. They did their best and had the audience (I’m only counting the 20 of us jammed in the hallway and bar area) dancing.

Professionalism 3/5

The venue was so tiny, and as they were faced with a bunch of sitting, seemingly unhappy people, they handled themselves well.

Aesthetic 3/5

Black, Leather, wife beater. Repeat

Authenticity 4/5

I can’t wait to see them again. They gave so much energy that it almost made me forget the horrible venue, the rude people pushing into me and the loud conversation that actually overpowered the band. I need a bigger space to dance my ass off.


Final Grade: 68%

Erin Fahy is a 9-5’r by day and a rogue rock reporter by night. You can follow her on Twitter @rockurworld16. Don’t forget to also follow Toronto Music Scene @TorontoMusic.

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