Indie Week Report Card: Falls @ Silver Dollar 84%

By: TJ Liebgott October 28, 2013

Toronto Band Falls

Sound: 4/5

With lush soundscapes and danceable grooves, Falls had a full sound with great tracks and quite frankly it was a shock that they where represented in the Indie Week finals. Especially since they where one of the few top 5 must see bands according to that was to be judged during Indie Week.

Performance: 5/5

Highlights from the set included an amazing danceable cover of the usually melancholy Chris Isaak song Wicked Game.

Professionalism: 4/5

Well the set went off without a hitch, Falls let the music speak to the audience, however there was a slight lack in the verbal band to audience report to truly join musician to the crowd.

Aesthetic: 4/5

Falls brought with them a series of construction lights, each armed to go off in pairs to the music which brought a larger than life stage show that perfectly encapsulated their performance. (well maybe larger than Silver Dollar Room would be a better representation.)

Authenticity: 4/5

There is no lack of authenticity with Falls. They play the music they want to play and let everything else fall into place naturally. Every song seems genuine from this band.

Total: 21/25

Final Grade: 84%

TJ Liebgott is the co-founder of Toronto Music Scene and sings in dance punk band TJ Hollywood, who you can follow on twitter @TJHollywoodBand.  Don’t forget to also follow @TorontoMusic.


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