Indie Week Report Card: Craig James Laur @ Free Times Café 100%

By: Andrea Holz October 29, 2013

Craig James Laur Band

Sound 5/5
The sound was moving.  Soft beautiful acoustics with gritty enchanting vocals.  The sound fills the room with simple ensemble.  The percussionist proved to be resourceful and wildly talented.  The band successfully worked with the space available rocking out on a Cajon Drum and a tambourine instead of a classic drum kit you would normally see in the kind of genre.  To be honest I preferred them lightening up with the percussion.  The room was rather small so I think anything larger would have been too intense.  The entire band shared emotion on all the songs.  They all work really well together. 
Performance 5/5

Though the room was small they used all resources creating a warm intimate relationship with the audience.  The transition between songs were very smooth and they really kept the attention of the audience.  The band is more than proficient on their instruments.  I especially love their onstage chemistry with each other.  They all did their part not solely relying on their lead vocalist to bring the performance they all looked in the zone.  So refreshing. 

 Professionalism 5/5
This band is fantastic!  They are fairly new to the music scene, but they bring their A game.  These guys are natural and I can’t think of anything they can do better. 
Aesthetic 5/5
This handsome ensemble of Adonis-like men are more than pretty faces. For the genre they were not dressed too gaudy and the modesty of their appearance and the warmth of this lovely intimate venue added real sincerity to the music.
Authenticity 5/5
Theme of the night is sentimental sincerity.  Lead vocalist Craig shared tales of woe and talked about his musing.  This band really makes you feel like this is more than a performance.  It is a musical statement of passion love and beauty.  Craig James Laur gives you more than a performance, they give you a well-rounded profound musical experience.
Total: 25/25

Final Grade: 100%

Andrea Holz is a Toronto-based award winning writer, actress, comedian and coffee master. 

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