Indie Week Report Card: Fuss @ Cherry Cola’s 72%

By: Josh Parsons October 28, 2013


(Photo by @MylesHerod)

Sound 4/5

Fuss play a power-heavy breed of indie rock with an obvious emphasis on loudness. The three-piece band filled little Cherry Cola’s with enough sound to wake those sleeping on the other end of Bathhurst. They tore through their power-chord laden set and wasted little time cementing their penchant for hooky harmonies, complex breakdowns and powerful song writing.

Performance 3/5

A standard set by all means for a band filling comfortably under the indie-garage-punk-powerpop-etc umbrella. Each member seemed much more focused on playing properly than showing off, displaying a level of maturity that other bands lack. Still, Fuss channeled just the proper amount of youthful energy to keep the crowd interested.

Professionalism 3/5

No major faults here. Again, it was a standard set for the genre and they played the part to a tee. The band was tight and seemed well rehearsed. It was obvious that presenting the songs was the bands main concern, although muting the feedback would have made interaction with the crowd a bit more audible.

Aesthetic 4/5

The three red-haired members could have easily been mistaken for brothers, lending a sort of Ramones-esque level of uniformity to the band. Members rocked the typical jeans and a t-shirt with as much style as you really can, while two members sported the obligatory greasy mop of hair. No phony gimmicks here, just rock ‘n’ roll honesty.

Authenticity 4/5

When they stepped off the stage, I was impressed. The crowd was roaring for more and the half-smirks from the band members displayed a humble contentment with what they had just accomplished. What they may have lacked in originality or invention, they certainly gained in the refinement and vision of a certain musical niche.

Total: 18/25

Final Grade: 72%

Josh Parsons is a baker, beer maker and philosopher. He also likes to write, too. You can follow him on Twitter @ParsonsAles. Don’t forget to also follow Toronto Music Scene @TorontoMusic. 

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