Indie Week Report Card: Stuck on Planet Earth @ Bovine Sex Club 74%

By: Tiffy Thompson October 24, 2013


Sound 3.9/5

Generic, early 90’s alternative sound, vocals off key at times. Tight instrumentals, sure-footed bass lines and capable guitar, but vocals were pedestrian at times.

Performance 3.6/5

Affected atmospheric moodiness, polite asides with the sound tech, sizeable throng of young female admirers summoning occasional whoops and swaying.

Professionalism 5/5

Up to par.

Aesthetic 4/5

Fresh-faced, faux hawk alterna-ladykillers.

Authenticity 2 /5

Obviously have a sizeable fan following but not entirely convincing with genuine feeling in lyrics or delivery.

Total: 18.5/25

Final Grade: 74%

Tiffy Thompson is a Toronto-based writer and illustrator. Follow her on Twitter @TiffyjThompson. Follow Toronto Music Scene too @TorontoMusic

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