Indie Week Report Card: Of Gentlemen and Cowards @ The Hideout 100%

By: Andrea Holz October 24, 2013


Sound 5/5

Great beat! Perfect way to start the set. First song was bouncy and fun. Very danceable! I loved it! All of their music made me want to dance and cheer for more! Acoustic on the last song was intense and was like pure ear seduction.

Performance 5/5

Often bands lose the audience when transitioning into their next song, but this band kept the beat and they all look like they are having a great time. The audience mirrored their enthusiasm.

Professionalism 5/5

These guys are pros! They look like they were born playing and this is all second nature to them. Nothing is better than seeing a band look nerve free. These Gentlemen played their set with confidence. Nothing cowardly about them.

Aesthetic 5 /5

Aside from spectacular stage presence, they are beautiful to look at. They all rock their individual styles giving that authentic “All about the music” feel. They didn’t need any props or gimmicks. Quality is quality and they brought their A game.

Authenticity 5/5

They are what I like to call an all loving band. They kind of remind me of a modern Matchbox Twenty. Their lyrics were whole hearted and touching. I think this band has some amazing talent and I think their about to blow up on the scene. Check them out.

Total: 25 /25

Final Grade: 100%

Andrea Holz is a Toronto-based award winning writer, actress, comedian and coffee master.

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