Indie Week Report Card: CRAWL @ Bovine Sex Club 100%

By: Tiffy Thompson October 25, 2013


Sound 5/5:

Filter/Tool/Misfits-ey butt-clenching, groin-thrusting real rock and roll. Incredible vocal control oscillating from harridan-like screeching to a rumbling growl.

Performance 5/5

Catchy, anthemic songs that got the crowd off their asses quick. The frontman leapt around with aplomb, joking with the crowd at intervals and swigging beer the next. They delivered a hard and heavy performance that demanded attention.

Professionalism 5/5

They come across as seasoned veterans.

Aesthetic 5/5

Riotous frontman utilized the full length of the stage, employed crazy eyes and repeated requests for shots (“I’ll pay!”). Stadium level energy squeezed into barroom parameters.

Authenticity 5/5

Nothing pretentious, entitled or annoying about this trio. Legit rock served up neat – easily the most enjoyable band of the night.

Total: 25/25

Final Grade: 100%

Tiffy Thompson is a Toronto-based writer and illustrator. Follow her on Twitter @TiffyjThompson. Follow Toronto Music Scene too @TorontoMusic

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