Indie Week Report Card: Air Marshal Landing @ Hideout 72%

By: Erin Fahy October 25, 2013


Sound 4/5

60’s surfer boy rock meets cowboy swagger, with a pinch of Jagger funk thrown in. I really enjoyed the sound. However, the vocals were a bit imbalanced. Two singers; one very steady solid voice, the other seems to camp it up and make some funny noises. When they sang together it was really good. Excellent musicianship, they all play their instruments really well.

Performance 4/5

I liked their performance for the most part; they are an excellent live band. Dancing and just really enjoying the moment. However, the antics of the one singer were quite distracting. Lots of wide-eyed looks and open-mouth face making. Then they surprised me, they brought drummer to use brushes on an acoustic guitar and then small snare. A gimmick that really worked, the layering on that song was one of my favourites of the night.

Professionalism 3/5

They had a lot of gear that they didn’t help set up much–and take down seemed to take a bit. They seem to work well together; even had a little huddle just before the set.

Aesthetic 4/5

Who knew pressed kahkis could work well on a rock and roll stage? All casually dressed, but they did put effort into it which I appreciated.

Authenticity 3/5

These guys really enjoy the music they play and enjoy each other’s company. It was a good vibe and I think these guys will do really well! (turns out they’ve been doing shows with Beaches who is a fave of Toronto Music Scene, so not far off!)

Total: 18/25

Final Grade: 72%

Erin Fahy is a 9-5’r by day and a rogue rock reporter by night. You can follow her on Twitter @rockurworld16. Don’t forget to also follow Toronto Music Scene @TorontoMusic.

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