Indie Week Report Card: This Is War @ The Cage 90%

By: Tiffy Thompson October 23, 2013


Sound 4.5/5

Feverish, frantic metal spewed out like a bursting dam. Tight, thunderous drumming and haunting minor chord progressions are accentuated by two singers working in tandem. The auditory equivalent of being fucked by a metal rod, in the best possible sense of the term.

Performance 5/5

The singer didn’t hesitate to utilize the metal cage to his full advantage; while other acts shied away from the chain-link fence, he promptly scaled up it, reaching wrathfully to the sky like a prisoner. They kept the crowd engaged throughout mild technical difficulties, and their energy level intensified over the course of the set. Their onstage plyometrics amounted to a pummelling, full-body workout. Plenty of head-banging, anguished screams and throat slitting gesturing.

Professionalism 4/5

Funny banter with crowd, good communication with each other. Consummate professionals, they were congenial yet hyped the crowd up with just the right amount of fuck-shit-up hardcore verve.

Aesthetic 4/5:

The hair, tattoos, black and angry. They look the part. They used the cage as a visual equivalent of a trap to their animalistic performance, well done.

Authenticity 5/5

This is War is about as authentic as you get. There was nothing affected or disingenuous about this performance. Metal with heart.

Total: 22.5/25


Tiffy Thompson is a Toronto-based writer and illustrator. Follow her on Twitter @TiffyjThompson. Follow Toronto Music Scene too @TorontoMusic

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