Indie Week Report Card: The Franklin Electric @ The Hideout 88%

By: Andrea Holz October 23, 2013


Sound 5 /5

Folky and delicious. A beautiful musical treat. The band kind of sounds like the lead singer of Coldplay joined Mumford and Sons. Satisfying ambient. Very pleasing. I found them to be very easy to listen to.

Performance 4/5

Lead singer Jon Matte doubles as the trumpet player making for an intimate and enjoyable show. He begins one of the songs with a lovely Latin riff on the trumpet. Their performance is inviting, making you want to get closer and the feel was mutual amongst the audience. It was wonderfully crowded.  

Professionalism 4/5 

Started conversing with the audience a tad too early, thought they were starting then boom long delay which as an audience member made me feel restless. However, they delivered a beautiful show.   

Aesthetic 4 /5

Plaid pants are a bold choice on the acoustic guitarist other than that the band looks modest and endearing, creating a great look that doesn’t overpower the enchanting modesty of the music. They were lovely!

Authenticity 5/5

I really liked the environment they created. They were sincere and enthusiastic. They really appeared to be enjoying themselves. The songs were heartwarming and believable.

Total: 22/25


Andrea Holz is a Toronto-based award winning writer, actress, comedian and coffee master.

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