Indie Week Report Card: Satellite Hearts @ the Hideout 52%

By: Josh Parsons October 23, 2013

Satellite Hearts

(photo by: Myles Herod)

Sound 3/5

In true Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion, Satellite Hearts cranked their amps all the way to 11. They whipped through and array of songs that covered various territory within the gigantic rock umbrella with unrelenting fury. This, however, was at the expense of dynamics. It seems like Satellite Hearts have a single setting, loud and hard, and if you’re not into that it might be hard to relate. 

Performance 3/5

Satellite Hearts were loud, brash and electric. It was textbook rock, which seems to be what the members are trying to achieve. I’d put it somewhere in the middle of the gigantic spectrum connecting the Heartbreakers and Bloc Party. Well executed but indirect.  No surprises, just idyllic rock at the expense of invention.

Professionalism 3/5

They played each song well and with a lack of any noticeable blunders. However, I still wish they had managed their stage volume better as the onslaught of sound occasionally became muddled in the small club. The singer also attempted to play a Dylan-style harmonica that was totally inaudible under the crushing volume. Just ditch it next time, it’s a tired gimmick.

Aesthetic 2/5

To be honest, it’s a bit disheartening to see a group of late-twenty-somethings still chasing the vague teenage dream of our father’s rock ‘n’ roll. Their style came off as a pastiche of the past 40 years of rock put in to four-piece band. The lead guitarist rocked a denim cut-sleeve and had Slash hair that flapped in the breeze of a strategically placed fan. Enough said.

Authenticity 2/5

Although it seems that they have their demographic down pat, the demeanor of Satellite Hearts comes off as forced. The haircuts, clothing and sound all seem to rigidly fit within the comfortable cannon of classic rock. I’ll admit that there will always be a niche for this kind of stuff, but there are many bands that do it better and with more originality.

Total: 13/25

Final Grade:  52%

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