Indie Week Report Card: Overhate @ The Cage 84%

By: Tiffy Thompson October 21, 2013


Sound 4/5

Venezuelan thrash metal with intricate guitar work that oscillates between chainsaw-ripping bridges and expertly honed harmonic scales. Music to burn things down to. Joseph Ortiz shines with menacing, full-throttle drum rolls. Backing vocals didn’t mesh so well at times but I think that was the fault of the sound-system.

Performance 4/5

Performance was tight, polished and held fervour despite sparse crowd. With lyrics like In this disgusting planet, I’m natural selection, the food chain, the leveler, the fall! what’s not to love?

Professionalism 5/5

Humility and politeness all round. Mature, slightly subdued onstage presence. Brotherly rapport with each other.

Aesthetic 3/5

Quintessential thrash metal look; big, intimidating dudes with beards in sports jerseys. They seemed to keep back from the cage, though, a bit of a hindrance in their performance.

Authenticity 5/5

Loved every minute of being up there and it reflected in their intensity throughout. These are seasoned musicians that know their sound and read each other well. Overhate is the real deal.

Total: 21/25

Percentage: 84%

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