Indie Week Report Card: Indicator Indicator @ The Hideout 84%

By: Andrea Holz October 21, 2013

indicator indicator

Sound 4/5

The music kind of muffles the lyrics. The first song seemed a little big for the lyrics. Softening the drums might have given the lead singer the chance to show more passion in his voice.

Performance 4/5

Loved their song “Back Into A Fire.” I think that the lead singer looked a bit over practiced. I want to see more emotion in a song like that. Though he’s singing the words, it felt like he was detached. However, the drummer seemed veryy passionate.


Professionalism 5 /5

They looked well-rehearsed, but possibly nervous. Granted they were the first band up and with a small audience kicking off a large event can be difficult. I think they did their best with the audience they had. I do see a strong future for them.

Aesthetic 4/5

The genre, the stage, and the band all fit together nicely. Their appearance reminds me of and early Hedley. They’re alt-rock style had a fun edge to it and makes the show fun to watch.

Authenticity 4/5

Early in the set I felt like their genre choices were all over the place and their was a slight appearance of disconnect. Lighting change on the last song really added to the experience. Most of the set seemed kind of common, until the last song “January 1st,” which was a game changer. I want to hear more songs like that from them. They whole band really came together strongly on this song. As they move forward I expect really great things.

Total: 21/25

Percentage: 84%

Andrea Holz is a Toronto-based award winning writer, actress, comedian and coffee master.

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