Indie Week Band of the Day: Heartcopy

By: Sheena Lyonnais October 16, 2013

Montreal gets two things right every time: cappuccinos and synth pop. Electro synth is fabulous everywhere, but it has a certain je ne c’est quoi when it comes from the city of harmony. Heartcopy is no exception; pairing co-ed vocals with airy, simple songs that make you feel fuzzy inside. It’s kind of like Stars, but much less depressing. At times you want to cuddle, but at others, such as the chorus of “Without Sound,” they kick it up a notch and let you know it’s time to dance…or at least to sway. They just released the video for their latest single “Redo,” which features a sexy little romp on par with their suggestive style. They’ve moved into dreamier territory since they released their single “Tomorrow” last year and it’s a welcome change. Good job Heartcopy. See you on the dance floor. 



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