Braids unveil their new music video, “In Kind'”

By: Sean Carsley July 31st, 2013


A song that clocks in at nearly eight minutes, it would be assumed that Braids would have a video with substance to accompany their song, “In Kind”. 


In the first minute and a half, a montage of the sun and blurry clouds appear as if there is a story to be told. Truthfully, there are some intentions that connect, but overall it’s a shame that they used too many quick cuts. The buildup, the rise and fall of the song could have been reflected with longer cues perhaps, in return creating a mini-story or a sense of harmony.  


With that said, it’s an adequate effort, and in the vein of experimental music and a reflection of the said video, the effect offers a strong attempt at aligning the “feel” for the song with the craft of the cinematography. 


Short of a bullseye, “In Kind” is an admirable experiment nonetheless – one that declares itself, and Braids, to be the purveyors of Canadian indie’s off-beat psyche.






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