NXNE Review: The Dirty Nil, June 13th, The Silver Dollar Room

By: Adrian J. Miller June 21st, 2013


The schedule stated their home base as Hamilton, but truthfully, they’re from Dundas, a one-time town that was annexed by the steel city years ago (wholesomeness still in tact).

You got none of that from The Dirty Nil on stage at The Silver Dollar Room last Thursday, though.

They are raunchy and loud and sweaty.

Kyle Fisher (Starfish) came out swinging and shirtless on the drums right from the top.  Luke Bentham and Dave Nardi blazed through their slacker rock set with a maddened frenzy, and the room was on fire.

The whole of the audience was rocking along to this angry trio whose set list needs to be longer.

The Silver Dollar Room is a small and unassuming venue. There’s nothing on the walls, and the front length of the stage is just over two meters from the bar.

They sipped their beers; toasted the audience, and reached out to touch glasses with the mass. Luke proceeded to let an audience member strum his guitar wildly at the end of one of their rollicking anthems, branding The Silver Dollar as the best venue for a band that takes rock and roll personally.

Outside their own tunes, the Dirty Nil covered the Misfits’ “Last Caress”, as people shouted and screamed in alliance.  A core group of fans were present, belting out lyrics to most of their catalogue, occasionally fist pumping. Their love was palpable.

It’s easy to see why.  The Dirty Nil guys are just as charged at the end of the show as they are tearing through their opening riffs.

I believed Luke when he declared that they were playing again later that evening. 

“At a place called Grossman’s?” He says unsure, “its on Spadina? I don’t know where.  I don’t know Toronto.”

What does he like about playing in the big city?

“The people,” he says.

The Dirty Nil are a big sound from a small town, and worthy of a shot at growing a substantial fan base. 

Their grungy take on garage rock is sure to get you at least nodding along with their angst. Rock on, boys.


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