CD Review: Ell V Gore – Sex Static

By: Hilary Johnston June 18th, 2013


It has been a big month for local band, Ell V Gore. They recently wrapped a handful of NXNE shows and just launched their debut EP, Sex Static, onto a scene of eager hipsters. The quartet teamed up with Toronto boutique label, Bad Actors Inc., for this release. It seems that fish tacos are not the only thing trending in this city; collaborations with members of Fucked Up (Ben Cook in this case) are all the rage.

This four-track EP brings together the late ‘70s gothic post-punk aesthetic of Bauhaus and Joy Division with a more electro-industrial, almost Krautrock tinge. The result is edgy guitar riffs over booming bass with dark, yet melodic vocal lines. If spooky is your thing, this band may just be for you.

The most note-worthy track on the EP is “Lobotomy”, the video for which recently received the Pitchfork stamp of approval. The track, perhaps slightly more palatable to the non-punk than the somewhat monotonous “Her Vicious”, showcases the group’s effective use of nuance to create a musical atmosphere. It evokes imagery of an after-hours party in some sticky crevice of the city too cool for most of us to know about, where clothing is black and foreheads are sweaty.

The final track, “Death Strings (Loss Angeles)” comes as a refreshing change of pace after three tracks of the musical embodiment of the weird kid at the back of the your high school art class. The build-up occurs more gradually, the timbres are more diverse and somewhere in the blend of doom exists a chant-like drone. Rather than being the musical equivalent of that aforementioned art dweeb, this track is probably on his iTunes beside a bunch of other too-cool-for-you-to-know about bands. Much better.


Ell V Gore – Lobotomy



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