NXNE 2013 Preview – 5 Must See Bands

Toronto Band July Talk NXNE

By: TJ Liebgott June 10, 2013

It’s always daunting to try and go through over 1,000 bands to try and figure out who you must see for NXNE, we here are trying to make life a little easier and give you a head start.  These are the top 5 bands to see during NXNE as selected by TMS co-founder TJ Liebgott.
July Talk
My top pick of the festival.  Think Johnny Cash singing with June Carter, but with more growl, more rock and even more balls.  Singers Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay have a beautiful rapport between them that can easily shift from angelic to devilish depending on the track. July Talk hasn’t even been around for a year and are already making waves with their debut self titled album 
Young Lungs
Montreal band Young Lungs are filled with a feverish energy that makes their songs fun, energetic and danceable as hell.  It’s a full frontal assault of pop, sped up to break neck speeds that will leave you longing for more.  Check out why this post-punk band has already played with bands like Electric Six and Metz in their hometown.
Having already seen CTZNSHP a few times at various festivals, I can’t miss this Montreal band when they play NXNE.  With a showcase at Wrongbar and Yonge and Dundas square, it’s only a matter of time before buzz for this band grows.  Playing ambient indie dance with pop sensablilties CTZNSHP will be one ear worm that will be near impossible to rid after the festival is over.
The Dying Arts
Toronto band The Dying Arts sound flirts between straight up indie rock and occasional grunge influences.  Their songs are carefully constructed, filled with intrigue and energy and their live shows are entertaining as hell. They are a talented band that will suck you into their sound before you even know what hit you.
Ell V Gore
Everybody needs a wildcard and this NXNE that wildcard is Toronto band Ell V Gore. ELL V Gore is a grindhouse of musical influences fused together into a punk rock B-Horror film.  Drenched with echoey vocals and slathered in sexual indignities, Ell V Gore is not for the faint of heart or the unimaginative and will leave you forever changed after NXNE is over.
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