CMW 2013 Review: Metric

By: Myles Herod April 1, 2013

Emily Haines of Metric performing at CMW in Toronto

In the past few years, the live persona of Metric has grown.

Emerging through the white and red strobes, Emily Haines lead charge, but the band commanded as a whole. Drummer Joules Scott-Key, bassist Josh Winstead and axman James Shaw weaved together like lockstep, burning bright like a pulsating electric current.

Haines balanced dual roles as songstress and mascot, gliding effortlessly above the surging crowd at Kool Haus, her unbridled energy and sleek frame feeding hungry onlookers. It should be noted that Haines, at 39-years-old, is a front woman of ageless poise and spirited vocals. I would’ve guessed her for 29.

The show kicked off with “Artificial Nocturne”, an electro rocker with an almost motorik beat, while ‘Speed of Collapse’ appeased to all those gamers familiar with FIFA 13, finding a sultry Haines purring beneath a wash of crisp drums and glacial synths.

As the show progressed, the crowd hung onto every word, singing along to the anthemic hits of the band’s storied past. They’re no longer rock stars in the making; they’re now a Toronto institution.

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