The Ghost Umbrellas


Toronto Band The Ghost Umbrellas

Out of the valley where good meets evil, light meets dark and genius meets insanity The Ghost Umbrellas emerged at the turn of the century.

By no accident or mistake, The Ghost Umbrellas are a refreshing reminder of the fundamentals of rock and roll. Dirty, wholesome music, this is what the soul needs.

Who are The Ghost Umbrellas?
You can call them The Guardian Angels of rock and roll.
Inspired by the likes of The Breeders and other low fi goodness from the early 90’s, the art of musicality lives through The Ghost Umbrellas. The band can be described as a bunch of pop music obsessed losers in love with creating, dissecting and playing their brand of broken down, degenerate pop music. By evoking jagged, raw emotions in their listeners and condensing their songs into frantic bursts of melody and beat, The Ghost Umbrellas have an infectious way of making their audience feel good by making them feel bad.

Why should you care about The Ghost Umbrellas?
You shouldn’t. Forget you read this. It doesn’t matter. Your life has already been changed.

The Ghost Umbrellas are;

Max Deller-Lestage – Drums
Butch Agostino – Bass
Vincenzo Fazzari – Guitar/Vocals

Minimalist art, the year 1959, subliminal messages, pop music from the late 60’s to the early 90’s, television and radio jingles, Robert Frank photos, early 90’s recording gear.


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