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Toronto Band New Design

New Design was formed in 2008, in Brampton, Ontario. After being involved with various bands in the local music scene, Jeff, Joe, Zack and Melissa wanted to form a band that would allow them to effectively express their individual voices. Their connection proved so strong that the emerging sound was distinctly unified and uniquely their own.

After years of jamming, writing, playing shows and a couple of home recordings the band decided to record their debut EP “Burn Out The Sky” with Kenny Bridges of the band Moneen. The EP consists of six songs that can leave you singing along or in deep thought. New Design’s music blends the intensity, atmosphere and feel of the post-rock genre with the drive of their early pop rock influences.

New Design performs steadily around the GTA to a growing fan base. Past shows include performances at Run For Your Lives, BIAF, and Indie Week and venues such as Lee’s Palace, The Mod Club, and The Opera House.


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