Toronto Rock Band Breached

There are many different ways one can describe Breached: cranked, heavy, melodic…


“Incubus with their balls back!” (Anthony Dell’Orso, Promoter)


…ah, touché! This story begins sometime in late 2010, when four men from Toronto
met in an undisclosed hospital delivery room. No one will ever know what actually happened that day other than it inspired something big – something that could only be expressed through music. The newly formed rock outfit have since made significant headway for themselves in the local indie scene with their alluring blend of melodious, metal-tinged rock ‘n roll – though their striking good looks couldn’t have hurt much, either.


2011 proved to be a successful year with the late-summer birth of the band’s first child, produced by Mike Langford (Parabelle, All But Over), followed by winning Best Demo during Indie Week in mid-fall. In January 2012, Bobby Noakes (vocals), Mike Diesel (guitar/vox), and Ryan Alexander (bass) completed their developing sound with the addition of a new drummer, Neil Uppal, who is best known for his successful underwear modelling and lawn bowling careers. He’s a pretty good drummer, too. 


Despite that Breached had originally set out to emulate Miley Cyrus’s sound, fans insist they more closely resemble the likes of Alexisonfire, Emery, and Incubus, with their tight harmonies and nail-hitting screams atop overdriven guitars and intricate tempos. Makes sense, since they grew up listening to that kind of stuff. And hey, the customer is always right. Right?


After being finalists in this years 97.7 HTZ FM Rocksearch, the boys had to give up their weekly Scrabble tournaments in order to prepare for several appearances including Sudbury New Music Week, Bookie’s Nu Music Night, and Balcony TV, topped with more out of town dates in the works. 

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