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Who is Jakob22?  What is the Fang?  Why the mask? 

These are constant questions you will hear when people speak of Jakob22.  


Jakob22, hailing out of Toronto Canada is a new name on the game but not a

rookie on the microphone.  For years perfecting his craft in the

streets of Scarborough, Jakob22 is a veteran in the art of MC’ing.

Jakob22 might just become a known to the world but is far from a rap

rookie, working with some legends in his time.


Jakob22 is a storyteller, a street poet, a battle rapper, a conscious

MC and a fiction author.  Jakob22 has decided he is bringing back the

true art of lyricism back to hip hop.

To inquire why Jakob22 wears masks in his videos is best described

through Jakobs own lyrics in his song “Night Terrors”


“Jakob is all nightmares and dreams

I stay hooded and masked up because my image don’t mean a thing.”


Jakob22 chooses to let his music define his image instead of his image

define his music.  Jakob22 was growing tiresome with what some were

calling hip hop nowadays and had a real distaste for the music.

Believing that in the cycle the world is ready for some real MC’s

again Jakob22 has decided to be the solution to the problem

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