New Design

Toronto Band New Design


Toronto Band New Design

New Design was formed in 2008, in Brampton, Ontario. After being involved with various bands in the local music scene, Jeff, Joe, Zack and Melissa wanted to form a band that would allow them to effectively express their individual voices. Their connection proved so strong that the emerging sound was distinctly unified and uniquely their own.

After years of jamming, writing, playing shows and a couple of home recordings the band decided to record their debut EP “Burn Out The Sky” with Kenny Bridges of the band Moneen. The EP consists of six songs that can leave you singing along or in deep thought. New Design’s music blends the intensity, atmosphere and feel of the post-rock genre with the drive of their early pop rock influences.

New Design performs steadily around the GTA to a growing fan base. Past shows include performances at Run For Your Lives, BIAF, and Indie Week and venues such as Lee’s Palace, The Mod Club, and The Opera House.


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The Ghost Umbrellas

Toronto Band The Ghost Umbrellas


Toronto Band The Ghost Umbrellas

Out of the valley where good meets evil, light meets dark and genius meets insanity The Ghost Umbrellas emerged at the turn of the century.

By no accident or mistake, The Ghost Umbrellas are a refreshing reminder of the fundamentals of rock and roll. Dirty, wholesome music, this is what the soul needs.

Who are The Ghost Umbrellas?
You can call them The Guardian Angels of rock and roll.
Inspired by the likes of The Breeders and other low fi goodness from the early 90’s, the art of musicality lives through The Ghost Umbrellas. The band can be described as a bunch of pop music obsessed losers in love with creating, dissecting and playing their brand of broken down, degenerate pop music. By evoking jagged, raw emotions in their listeners and condensing their songs into frantic bursts of melody and beat, The Ghost Umbrellas have an infectious way of making their audience feel good by making them feel bad.

Why should you care about The Ghost Umbrellas?
You shouldn’t. Forget you read this. It doesn’t matter. Your life has already been changed.

The Ghost Umbrellas are;

Max Deller-Lestage – Drums
Butch Agostino – Bass
Vincenzo Fazzari – Guitar/Vocals

Minimalist art, the year 1959, subliminal messages, pop music from the late 60’s to the early 90’s, television and radio jingles, Robert Frank photos, early 90’s recording gear.


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Toronto Rock Band Breached


Toronto Rock Band Breached

There are many different ways one can describe Breached: cranked, heavy, melodic…


“Incubus with their balls back!” (Anthony Dell’Orso, Promoter)


…ah, touché! This story begins sometime in late 2010, when four men from Toronto
met in an undisclosed hospital delivery room. No one will ever know what actually happened that day other than it inspired something big – something that could only be expressed through music. The newly formed rock outfit have since made significant headway for themselves in the local indie scene with their alluring blend of melodious, metal-tinged rock ‘n roll – though their striking good looks couldn’t have hurt much, either.


2011 proved to be a successful year with the late-summer birth of the band’s first child, produced by Mike Langford (Parabelle, All But Over), followed by winning Best Demo during Indie Week in mid-fall. In January 2012, Bobby Noakes (vocals), Mike Diesel (guitar/vox), and Ryan Alexander (bass) completed their developing sound with the addition of a new drummer, Neil Uppal, who is best known for his successful underwear modelling and lawn bowling careers. He’s a pretty good drummer, too. 


Despite that Breached had originally set out to emulate Miley Cyrus’s sound, fans insist they more closely resemble the likes of Alexisonfire, Emery, and Incubus, with their tight harmonies and nail-hitting screams atop overdriven guitars and intricate tempos. Makes sense, since they grew up listening to that kind of stuff. And hey, the customer is always right. Right?


After being finalists in this years 97.7 HTZ FM Rocksearch, the boys had to give up their weekly Scrabble tournaments in order to prepare for several appearances including Sudbury New Music Week, Bookie’s Nu Music Night, and Balcony TV, topped with more out of town dates in the works. 

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Jenny Mayhem

jenny mayhem_mirvish

Acoustic / Singer-Songwriter

jenny mayhem_mirvish

Jenny Mayhem is a Toronto based singer-songwriter. Born and raised on the West Coast of Barbados, she travelled to Canada at the age of seventeen. After fronting the progressive rock act ADA for several years, Jenny changed pace with ‘Keep the Fire’, a 6-track EP released in 2009. She introduced her acoustic-folk side with an intimate performance at The C entral, a tucked away venue in Toronto’s Annex district. 

Songs from “Keep the Fire” are featured in a number of non-profit and artistic video campaigns. “When You’re Older” can be heard in Greg Sucharew’s “Bicycle City” documentary, which follows the effects of donating thousands of bicycles to a small town in Nicaragua. This song also closes Denis Smith’s “Ball of Light” film, covering the life story of a well-known Adelaide Photographer. “King of the Street”, accompanies a short video of artist Jimmy McGilchrist’s participation in Adelaide’s 5000+ project, while “All the World” was used in a 2010 British organ donor campaign by the same name. 

In October 2011, Jenny released her self-title EP, recorded and mixed by Steve Chahley at DNA Recording Facility. Directed by Ace Billet, the music video for “Wide Open” gained positive attention in Toronto’s Exclaim! and The Grid magazines. A video created for “Alice in Wonderland” at the Utrecht School of Arts was also picked up by Exclaim! and press in the Netherlands. Jenny continues to write, record and collaborate with artists based in Toronto.


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Hip Hop



Who is Jakob22?  What is the Fang?  Why the mask? 

These are constant questions you will hear when people speak of Jakob22.  


Jakob22, hailing out of Toronto Canada is a new name on the game but not a

rookie on the microphone.  For years perfecting his craft in the

streets of Scarborough, Jakob22 is a veteran in the art of MC’ing.

Jakob22 might just become a known to the world but is far from a rap

rookie, working with some legends in his time.


Jakob22 is a storyteller, a street poet, a battle rapper, a conscious

MC and a fiction author.  Jakob22 has decided he is bringing back the

true art of lyricism back to hip hop.

To inquire why Jakob22 wears masks in his videos is best described

through Jakobs own lyrics in his song “Night Terrors”


“Jakob is all nightmares and dreams

I stay hooded and masked up because my image don’t mean a thing.”


Jakob22 chooses to let his music define his image instead of his image

define his music.  Jakob22 was growing tiresome with what some were

calling hip hop nowadays and had a real distaste for the music.

Believing that in the cycle the world is ready for some real MC’s

again Jakob22 has decided to be the solution to the problem

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The Autumn Portrait

The Autumn Portrait Toronto Band


The Autumn Portrait Toronto Band


Heartfelt lyrics, a unique voice, and honest songs that resonate with listeners sums up Freddie Mojallal aka The Autumn Portrait. Having moved to Toronto from the west coast after experiencing a lost love, Freddie has been connecting with audiences with his honest & vulnerable song writing. Performing as 3­-piece band including acoustic guitar, violin, percussion and vocal harmonies that will warm your ears and heart, The Autumn Portrait is making a name for himself. With momentum on his side from his previous full length album The Design is Over, Freddie and his band have toured across Canada several times, have had 2 music videos featured on CMT Canada, commercial radio success, performed at both Canadian Music Week & NXNE in Toronto, and opened for Canadian favourites, The Trews. The Autumn Portrait has just released his new album TIRED LOVE, a collection of honest & sincere folk songs written straight from the heart. It’s relatable with audiences everywhere and displays a more vulnerable, raw and mature sound for Freddie. The Autumn Portrait has found his voice at a time where it was needed the most: a time of Tired Love.


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