Indie Week Report Card: TJ Hollywood @ Nocturne 94%

Tiffy Thompson October 12, 2012

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Sound 4.5/5

If you threw David Byrne and James Murphy into a blender with Girl Talk, you’d have TJ Hollywood. With the zealot-like fervor of a Southern Baptist Tent Revival, the two-man act pummels through their half-hour set with the marching intensity of a battering ram. Mesmerizing lead singer TJ Hollywood delivers with swagger and hyperbolic gesticulation, his voice even more malleable and approachable than Byrne’s. Guitarist Luke Vegas’ work is precise, cheekily interspersing recognizable songs in a mash up of diverse influences.

Performance 4.5/5

The band leapt into the audience at one point, working the small dance floor into a miniature frenzy. They were pretty hard to ignore. Their energy levels were consistent throughout, rivaling the sweat levels of a bootcamp workout.

Professionalism 5/5

They interact like they’ve been playing together for decades. The audience is obviously comprised of a number of loyal fans, mouthing along with the words and dancing their asses off.

Aesthetic 4.8/5

Dirty glam-rock-meets-50’s film star.

Authenticity 4.8/5

They were convincing throughout, and you really got the sense that they were having a wicked time up there. They seamlessly melded together manual/electronic elements to produce a familiar sound that sounds refreshingly new.

Total 23.6/25

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