Indie Week Report Card: The Bloody Five @ Sneaky Dee’s 94%

Tiffy Thompson October 12, 2012
the bloody_fives 
Sound 5/5

The Bloody Five are seasoned, pounding and sexy. Wailing harmonicas evoke Southern Blues a la Black Snake Moan, thrown into a morass of Tool, Jethro Tull, the Misfits and the Damned. The music is well structured and creepy, with the plodding menace of a horror movie and the driving drums to make you wanna do something bad.

Performance 5/5

Announcing, “You’ve got a new favorite band” at the onset of the performance proved to be a prophecy fulfilled. They are a mature band, confident and intuitive of each other on the stage. The crowd was pretty much going ballistic the whole time. Lots of smoke and lasers.

Professionalism 5/5

They’re consummate professionals.

Aesthetic 4.5/5

They dressed dark but not lurching into caricature, showy but not overwrought.

Authenticity 4/5

They have clearly been doing this for a while. Convincing and confident with their sound, they easily won over new converts.

Total 23.5/25


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