Indie Week Report Card: Pistol George Warren @ The Cadillac Lounge 92%

Matthew Allan, October 12, 2012

pistol george warren Indie Week

Sound 5/5

A little bit of country, a little bit of soul, some ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll and a heaping of gospel thrown into a blender. The result is the instantly unforgettable Northern Ontario eight-piece, Pistol George Warren.

Performance 5/5

The band doesn’t rely on any sort of gimmick to help sell their music, despite that the small army on stage would make the idea almost too easy. Instead, the musicians simply play their instruments with exacting measure behind a wall pitch-perfect of vocalists. Nothing more is offered, or really necessary.

Professionalism 4/5

Getting this many people on stage and ready to play in a timely manner must be an absolutely trying feat. The band managed without issue, and enjoyed their time onstage watching the audience grow larger with each new tune.

Aesthetic 4/5

At the helm, a young man at a microphone; directly to his left, three young ladies completing a wall across the front of the stage; behind all this, four lads bashing their instruments wholeheartedly – nothing superfluous or extraneous, just all sorts of adorable hipster kids having a lot of fun together.

Authenticity 5/5

I’m not entirely certain what – beyond a collection of great songs – Pistol George Warren is trying sell; but whatever it is, everyone in attendance bought it.

Overall 23/25

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