Indie Week Report Card: Micronite Filter @ Horseshoe Tavern’s 84%

Myles Herod October 13, 2012
Mirconite Filter 
Sound 4/5

The Micronite Filters are a rock’n’roll troupe of the best and basic fundamentals: gritty, fun and fried like southern cooking. Yes, like soul food that will have you wetting your lips like a river after rainfall. Influenced by equal parts heavy rock and blues, the Oshawa, Ontario natives have created a thick and sweaty sound of horns, swampy drums, dirty riffs and groove-laden rhythms that weave into a wonderful texture.

Performance 4.5/5

Toe tapping and head swaying jams that make one lose themselves in the haze of on stage alchemy. Indeed, it was blues, sprinkled with a bit of psychedelic swirl. The whole set delivered, leading one to survey the Horseshoe tavern at anytime during 1am set and see everybody dancing.

Professionalism 4/5

A tell sign of a good band is when the crowd eats up every morsel of the performance. The Mirconite Filter was no exception. Little on banter, full-tilt boogie on everything else.

Aesthetic 4/5

With a rock formula that tweaked it’s influences ever so slightly, the hirsute band members sounded fresh, and were unabashed about their looks, sometimes grizzled, other times shirtless – the music was all that mattered.

Authenticity 4.5/5

Meaty guitar tactics, amazing rhythms, and everything in-between, the band set the Horseshoe ablaze. With a punctuating sound of many lapping styles, the Micronite Filters are punk for the folk crowd who want something electrifying.

Overall: 21/25

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