Indie Week Report Card: Magneta Lane @ The Horseshoe 88%

Matthew Allan, October 13, 2012

magneta lane

Sound 4/5

Nearly 10 years as a fixture in the Toronto indie music scene, not much has changed in Magneta Lane’s sound. The song riffs and structures are slightly more complicated than they may have once been, but remain as undeniably endearing as ever. Singer-guitarist Lexi Valentine’s voice is still equal parts beautiful and barbed.

Performance 5/5

The band ignored a lot of their better-known songs on Saturday, but included the still-awesome “Wild Gardens” and rarity “Cheap Linguistics” for anyone in attendance who knew them when, alongside a couple new tracks. They still don’t utilize much of the stage, but keep you transfixed with their unique brand of cool – zero pandering, zero posturing, a lot of awesome.

Professionalism 3/5

The band seemed to face issues with their stage sound and stopped mid-song on more than one occasion; yet, the frustration expressed on their faces somehow made it all forgivable. They soldiered on, and no one out front would have noticed had it not been pointed out – never once did they fall out of time from one another.

Aesthetic 5/5

Three attractive young ladies dressed head-to-toe in black with “fuck off” written in their expressions, instruments in hand, makes everyone in the bar look to the stage. Thankfully, their music makes you glad you did.

Authenticity 5/5

They’re cooler than you, and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Overall 22/25

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