Indie Week Report Card: Highs @ Nocturne (Main Room) 88%

Matthew Allan, October 12, 2012

highs Indie Week

Sound 5/5

Combining driving rhythms with catchy boy-girl melodies and Vampire Weekend-esque guitar lines, throwing in countless group sing-alongs and a few handclaps for good measure, Highs caught the continuously growing audience off-guard. The Toronto four-piece may be the beautiful love child of Library Voices and Modest Mouse. 

Performance 4/5

The band handed out sticks and tambourines towards the end of their set to help get the audience involved. The gesture was unnecessary, as mostly everyone was already clapping along.  

Professionalism 4/5

The members of Highs seemed a little green – slightly shocked by the positive response from the crowd. Beyond that, they kept the banter short and sweet, and let the music speak for itself, which was all that is required when the songs sound like this. 

Aesthetic 5/5

Anyone who haphazardly slaps on face paint, presumably five-minutes before they take the stage, gets full points for aesthetics. Otherwise, they just looked like four people who would have been out and about at the weekend’s festivities.

Authenticity 4/5

Highs is a perfect band name for these guys and gal. Their music is catchy indie-pop, and they look like they are genuinely having a good time performing it. You would be hard-pressed to not have enjoyed this band. 

Overall 22/25

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