Indie Week Report Card: Curbside @ Sneaky Dee’s 75%

Tiffy Thompson October 12, 2012
Sound 3/5

Reminiscent of Face to Face, Fugazi and NOFX. Curbside reminded me of dudes from my high school in the 90’s – a working class punk group with gritty hooks. Their youthful exuberance occasionally caused them to be less tight in places, but overall the original tunes were well composed, catchy and thoughtful.

Performance 3/5

Driving, chopper-esque bass lines, pitch-perfect vocals and high energy throughout, despite the sparse audience.

Professionalism 4/5

Their on-stage banter was guileless and fun. They easily won over the small audience. They were at a bit of a disadvantage being the first act before the crowds arrived.

Aesthetic 3.8 /5

Simple, stripped down and basic. Jocky-punk without pretension. Authenticity 5/5 They totally won me over, through sheer nostalgia.

Total 18.8/25

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