TMS Indie Week Band of the Day: Super Geek League

Toronto Music Scene October 3, 2012
If you’re in the mood for something wild and out there, something that will leave you wondering what the heck you just experienced, then Super Geek League is your band. The first time I saw them perform, the self-proclaimed soul metal band was wearing all white vinyl suits, tight, tight suits that somehow failed to hinder the band from delivering one of the most lively, energetic performances I had seen in a while. Known for their outlandish, often matching outfits and intense chemistry, this is a band you won’t soon forget. Trust me, I saw them during one of the festivals, at like 3am, when I typically don’t remember much at all, but I do remember them. Super Geek League is a band you need to see for yourself.


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Watch SGL’s video for “What You Know About That?” below.



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