TMS Indie Week Band of the Day: GRAY

Toronto Music Scene September 20, 2012
Toronto singer GRAY has that soul soaked boozey-prose I so often fall in love with, though she’s seasoned it off with a little bit of a pop rock that’s lighter, daintier, like those alcoholic little chocolates you’d sneak when you were a kid. Maybe. Her first single “Oh No” is her most supped up offering yet, with the rest being a little shier, suggesting this is a singer who is truly beginning to find herself. She doesn’t have much music available online, but the fact that she’s been working with producer Derek Downham of the Beauties is telling in and of itself. It will be interesting to see what GRAY offers at her Indie Week performance. I have a feeling the confidence and crunch of “Oh No” is just her jumping point.


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