TMS Indie Week Band of the Day: Aaron Orbit

Toronto Music Scene September 8, 2012
There is really no one else like Aaron Orbit. Not only is he iconic looking with his long wavy hair and sharply dressed attire, but his voice and sound are unique and diverse. Each song tells its own story in a neatly wrapped little package that doesn’t necessarily sound like the other songs, yet fits together so well. Eclectic influences abound, Aaron Orbit’s debut release Sunday Morning Murder Songs is as much for the lover of 80’s influences to fans of Beck, psychobilly and even Michael Jackson. The method to his mayhem was to simply write, write, write after what was a very personal and trying year for the California musician. His band Le Meu Le Purr went on hiatus after a year on the road and the sudden shock of having to put out an album independently after their record label went out of business. The result is a solo effort for the eclectic, the music listener who lives to discover a shiny aural gem.


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Watch the video for Aaron Orbit’s “Prove Me Wrong” below.



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