TMS Indie Week Band of the Day: Backnbloom

Toronto Music Scene September 5, 2012
In Backnbloom’s video for “Venice,” the electropop band is engulfed in a flurry of colours, paint-filled fish bowls, neon accents and a big, plush pair of cherry red lips. The LA two-piece embodies a self-described “efficacious poetic fervor,” which must be the thinly spattered, nostalgia-laced pop they fuel in single “Heed the Flashes.” Though it was mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers), don’t expect a full-blown rock sound here. Music for the Modern Monkey is a less sexed-up Dragonette, an innocent jaunt down Hollywood Boulevard. It’s your first trip on ecstacy, complete with all bright colours and touchable textures, but you’re well taken care of. Maybe you’re in your living room, feeling safely adventurous.


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Watch the video for “Venice” below.



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