TMS Indie Week Band of the Day: Dirty Names

Toronto Music Scene August 31, 2012

Attention fans of the Black Keys and the Sheepdogs, prepare your ears for the gritty rock’n’roll that is The Dirty Names. Rumour has it this Maryland band is a rowdy late night party that puts on a dynamite show. Just listen to their single “Puppy Love,” close your eyes and try to imagine yourself not getting lost in the groovy, chunky hooks; hooks that drip with steal-your-girlfriend attitude. There’s a total 70’s-influenced lyric in track “Rock’N’Roll Mind Control” that goes, “Her Daddy said I’d be dead if I ever played his daughter rock’n’roll.” I like it best when it’s forbidden.

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Watch the video for “Puppy Love” below.



Sheena Lyonnais provides the Band of the Day.

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