TJ Hollywood

TJ Hollywood

Rock / Disco Punk

TJ HollywoodWho is TJ Hollywood? Rumour has it he was teleported from the LA strip to the streets of Toronto, getting lost briefly in London along the way. It was there he met a tall man named Luke Vegas who got sucked into the sleezy dance punk swagger of Hollywood. Vegas joined on axe and the tour began.

Influenced by brit rock, 80’s synths, punk and dance, TJ Hollywood received show offers hours after posting “Tales From The Mezzanine” and “Cocaine Jane” online. The city is thirsty for something unexpected. For a band that possesses a sound no one else has, a unique brand that can only be defined by the enigma that is TJ Hollywood.

Hollywood is here. Are you ready?

For fans of LCD Soundsystem, David Bowie and The Bravery.


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CD Review: Grimes – Visions


Grimes-VisionsDance Pop In a Trance
By: Laura Phillips
April 1, 2012

She’s said of herself to believe in aliens, and as Grimes continues her venture through the music wheel, it’s possible such views could be received as a kind of strategy for self-promotion. There’s something otherworldly about Grimes that taps beyond soundscapes and Mariah-high croons– she’s dance, she’s pop, she’s conceptual and in a trance. In her latest LP, Visions, the Montreal-based artist takes her homespun, ethereal aesthetic to a level of accessibility that parallels with popular music’s ideals.

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Live Review: Grimes plays Toronto’s Horseshoe March 27, 2012


GRIMESBy Laura Phillips
March 30, 2012

Bikes were locked around the block for Grimes’ sold out show at The Horseshoe Tavern on March 27. Securing stage views proved challenging, what with the crowd demographic being people of the 6 feet plus, but with last week’s cancelled show furthering anticipation for fans of Claire Boucher, visuals would become a backseat compromise.

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