Toronto Music Scene does Canadian Music Week 2012


CMW2012By: Sheena Lyonnais and TJ Liebgott
March 29, 2012

And just like that, another Canadian Music Week has passed. March is a stupid time to get sick, but we did – and when we managed to pull ourselves from sleep to venture out, packed venues prevented us from seeing almost half our picks. We tried to be troopers friends, we really did, but CMW did not win this round. Despite this, here’s a roundup and a couple videos from what we did see. From disappointing adolescent nostalgia to Rapunzel-haired, double neck guitar bands, our taste of the fest has us yearning for summer and NXNE.

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Watch This: USS – “Cloudboy” Live Performance at CMW 2012

Toronto band USS

Toronto band USSLast night, those in the know got treated to a fantastic balls-to-the-wall performance by Toronto’s Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, who posed as the secret midnight guests at the somewhat hidden Cabin Five.  The much smaller than normal venue size made the show that much more epic.

For those of you not lucky enough to be there, check out this video of “Cloudboy” and stay tuned for our CMW2012 review so you can read all about it.

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The Return of Treble Charger: Bill Priddle talks Broken Social Scene, reunions and regrets

Treble Charger

Treble ChargerBy: Sheena Lyonnais
March 20, 2012

“This whole thing has felt like the Hollywood Bromance that Hollywood hasn’t made yet – the professional falling out then the sweet reunion.”

Bill Priddle seems like a really cool guy. He calls me to chat about Treble Charger’s reunion at this week’s Slacker Canadian Music Fest and immediately apologizes for missing our original scheduled time of which he forgot and I forgave. After a decade of prolonged tension between Treble Charger’s two vocalists/guitarists Greig Nori and Priddle, the band is reuniting for two shows: the first at the Phoenix on Wednesday and the second on Saturday at the Royal York as part of the Independent Music Awards, where Treble Charger will be inducted into the 2012 SiriusXM Hall of Fame.

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